What are the "baby" of the first China International Consumer Product Expo opening Henan?

What are the "baby" of the first China International Consumer Product Expo opening Henan?

  On May 4, Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center, Haikou City, Hainan Province, Hall 8, Henan exhibition hall. Gaoshan Yue Photo, Henan Daily reporter, Yan Yue, on May 6, has just sent it to the "May 1" holiday, and welcomes guests who participated in the first China International Consumer Product Expo.

  That night, the Expo opened in the Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center.

The largest consumer exhibition exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region has a total exhibition area of ??80,000 square meters, and nearly 1500 exhibitors at home and abroad are from about 70 countries and regions. Our province has passed the excellent and medium-sized, and 26 companies represent their exhibitions in Henan. The first fair was sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and the Hainan Provincial People’s Government, gathered the global high-end quality consumer boutique resources. It is reported that the international brands exhibited more than 1,300, including France’s Luowei Xuan (LVMH) Group, Switzerland Human Group, British Jaguar Road Tiger, Japan’s Shiseido, Fang Wei, US Johnson, Dell, etc. More than 1,200 domestic participating brands, exhibitors include Huawei, FAW Red Flag, BYD, Tong Ren, Jingchao, etc. So, what kinds of "baby" in Henan debut? I really want to give you red dates, Jiaozuo Huai Mountain, the wig, Xuchang Ruibeika’s wigs, Xinyang Dabie Mountain’s Maojian, and the 汝 porcelain of Shuyang City, have been on the front of the Henan Pavilion. In order to fully demonstrate the achievements of our province’s opening up and economic development, the present exponentials apply for 200 square meters.

I think you can tell the reporter, the head of your health food company, told reporters that these years, I think you have got a large number of loyal fans in China, rang Henan specialty agricultural product brand.

"To participate in the exhibition, one is to learn the advanced experience of foreign counterparts, and I want to find more partners.

"Exhibiting corporate confidence is full, and onlookers explore opportunities.

One day before the opening of the General Assembly, Wang Dongliang, the head of a company from Zhoukou Xiangcheng, flew to Haikou. He told reporters that after learning the "Fighting", he booked a ticket and hotel for the first time.

"I want to understand the development trend of industry through this international exhibition, find a cooperative opportunity." Wang Dongliang said that his company is in the early days of entrepreneurship, but the development momentum is very good.

In his opinion, if you can sell the product to abroad, you can use this exhibition.

  The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of Commerce said that the current province has entered the importance of consumption upgrading, the province of 100 million people will be a huge supply and consumer market in the new cycle of the double cycle.

Henan delegation also hopes to enhance the supply capacity through this exhibition to promote consumption upgrade, release development vitality. (Editor: Since the quiet, Huang Sha).