The return shipping is high, the installation is difficult "Double 11" home network to buy "new pit"

The return shipping is high, the installation is difficult "Double 11" home network to buy "new pit"

Original title: The return shipping is high, the installation is difficult "Double 11" home online shopping "new pit" "double 11" home network to buy "new pit" return shipping high, installed into "difficulties" "double 11" promotion continued, online shopping home The store is very lively. According to the large-scale e-commerce platform data, this year "Double 11" is fully opened on the same day, at 8 o’clock on October 30th, the platform of Hengjie, Radison, Kohler, Xilinmen, good wife, etc. The increase is over 200%.

  However, different from other fast items, in the case of no line inspection, the issues of online shopping large-scale home products, more concentrated on the goods, low quality, after-sales installation, etc. China Consumers Association data shows that the total amount of furniture complaints in the third quarter of this year is 4,856 pieces, and the sixth column is a total complaint size of the decoration product.

Quality and after-sales service issues are most prominent. Wen / Guangzhou Daily Full Media Reporter Zhao Fang Yuantian reporter Zhao Fangyuan Case 1: Quality problem is "pain point", return shipping and product price quite goods do not panel, quality problems have always been online shopping home consumption "pain points ".

During the pre-sale period of this year, Ms. Tan saw a net red landing vertical cloak frame in an e-commerce platform. At that time, the price was only 30 yuan, the store also played "the floor-to-cemented clothes rack" Two publicity.

After receiving the goods for a week, Ms. Tan found that the product was very low.

  "When ordering, it is clear that the white material is used, and it is found that the goods are discovered by a pack of long-range wooden sticks. The outer packaging box of the product is also squeezed seriously in transportation, and The picture has a lot of access. "Ms. Tan said that because the price is not high, he is busy with the business trip, give up to find the store to discuss it.

  Not long ago, Mr. Yang, Guangzhou, in the official flagship store of the e-commerce platform, took a dining table, which has been used normally, there is no moving thing that has not been released, but the desktop is not suddenly cracking. "Because the merchants have not admitted that the desktop cracks caused by quality problems. If the return is to buy a full shipping fee. We count, the freight is about 500 ~ 600 yuan.

"Mr. Yang said that after constantly complaining, rights, until the third-party platform is involved, it can be properly resolved.

  The same problem, just out of work, Xiaojie moving into the new rental house has also encountered.

"I bought a table before the large-scale e-commerce platform. After receiving the goods, I found that the table corner was flawed, and I found that the table ‘station was unstable. I plan to apply for return, but I found the express fee. The price of the table is almost.

"" This desk online shopping price is 79 yuan, and it is sent to home. If I apply for returning, the freight calculates 65 yuan.

"Xiaojie helplessly said," "Business is shipping insurance, but it is only the basic shipping cost of 12 yuan. The furniture itself is relatively heavy. According to large items, it is easy to return, even more expensive than original products. "Case 2: Customers are manually assembled into" difficulties ", the installation of masters is also a" pain point "for online shopping home. Miss Li purchased a 70 yuan coffee table through the e-commerce platform, returning home I found a few "stations unstable". Miss Li told reporters that "the store’s after-sales customer service has also been to teach me how to install, I feel that I don’t want to return. The store also said that the return shipping cost is not cheap.

"After more communication, the last store promised directly to return to Miss Li 15 yuan, the tea is not returned." The store does not recognize the quality problem, saying that the floor is not flat. "

  The reporter also pays attention to the e-commerce platform, there is consumer online shopping electric drying rack, and the installation fee is not included in the purchase of the master, but it is harvested after the reservation. This customer service is explained that the consumer purchased the clothes hanger in the store only gives a drying hanger installation, but does not include additional costs required to install environmental issues. Analysis: The relevant standards of large-scale furniture network purchase new problems should be reflected in consumers to report to reporters. Many of the existing clauses of online shopping may be further improved for large-scale furniture. For example, many renovated new home consumers will generally purchase furniture in advance, waiting until the discovery or problems, time has already been more than seven days, even if they enjoy the "seven days of no reason to return", the shipping cost of large home is also very high, and freight Insurance is generally only 12 yuan. Chen Sheng, a lawyer of Longan (Guangzhou) Law Firm, believes that based on the large-scale furniture size and certain potential quality problems, it is recommended to exactly extend the "no reason to return" period, and to large Furniture has made clear provisions due to the processing of quality problems after being exceeded the "no reason to return".

  The reporter is a "home" as keywords in the black cat complaint platform. Among them, Ou Pai home, all home, Gu Jia home, IKEA home IKEA complaints ranked 725, 454, 375, 332, respectively.

  China Consumers Association’s latest "2021 third quarter of the National Accounting Association Organization" is analyzed that the total number of furniture complaints in the third quarter of this year is 4,856 pieces.

From the complaint problem, the quality and after-sales service issues are the most prominent, and the complaints are 1486 pieces and 1547; the complaints of contract issues are 855 complaints. The total complaint size of the decoration building is 3,678, the top 100, quality and contract issues are the largest, and the complaint is 1186, 699.

  Chen Sheng analyzed that the current online shopping home complaint problem is relatively concentrated. First, the excessive rights protection is increased, and consumer rights protection is increased; secondly, the online shopping home has problems, the quality identification is difficult, consumer returns is difficult to guarantee; third, Due to local reasons and substances, the return is difficult; fourth, due to the high logistics fees and transportation fees, consumers and manufacturers, due to the return fees, due to the return charges.

  What should I pay attention to in online shopping in online shopping? Lawyers from pre-sale, sale, after-sales "trick".

  Pre-sales: consumers are best to go shopping before online shopping, and find that online shopping prices and physical stores have a significant bias, so as not to fall into the trap.

  Sales: Select a good network shop, see more evaluation, praise, bad reviews, try it out; to read the terms on the seller, especially the font small, the location is unhappy, you must read carefully; In advance with the seller, the logistics issues and transportation problems exchanged, and the relevant evidence is retained, such as transaction records, chat records, etc. After sale: should be accepted in time, pay special attention to check whether the quality is problematic, whether the accessories are complete, if there is a scratch, if the problem should be promptly, clearly put forward to the merchant, if the merchant does not make clear and let you satisfied Answer, you can reject the goods.

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