Xinjiang Gamquat: Industrial chain long products sales

Xinjiang Gamquat: Industrial chain long products sales

The face is in hand, and it will become a cake shape in his hand. Onion or sesame, then it is lightly attached to the pit wall. A series of movements have been hung, which leads to the tourists outside the glass partition.

In the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Gaishi County, the cultural industrial park, and the Wu Wah River mentioned, and if he can’t finish it.

In the past, the wife had a long-term stay in bed, and the Wu Wah rushed to fight at home, but the winter is not good, the income is not high, and the family will pass the Baba.

In September 2019, Gaishi County built a 30,000 square meters of cultural industrial park, and Wu Ruo took the initiative to compete for the master of industrial park.

Head, he went to work, he was shocked: there is no smoke in the workshop, clean and tidy, modern pit precision temperature warming, 馕 饼 花 花 看 看 看 看 … … … …. 是. … 元 看 … … … … 看 … … 看 看 … … … 看 看 … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

"For more than two years, I have become a master of the park, and I have brought more than 30 apprentices." I am going to buy a house in the county, and I have more comfortable days.

"Into the industrial park, just baked the golden crispy cakes on the table, mix the onion and sesame taste of the scent of the flavor.

After packaging, they will fly to thousands of households, even exported abroad. At present, there are 160 products in the development of Gamma and Cultural Industrial Park, which can be produced on average, 300,000, and more than 1,200 employment.

馕 Cultural Industrial Park also set up a branch in the township level, set up a chain franchise store in the village first level, unified distribution of raw materials, unified formula production, and drive more than 3,000 people to increase. In recent years, Xinjiang has vigorously developed an industry to promote the income of the masses. As of June this year, Xinjiang has built 63 sets of industrial parks, professional production and processing enterprises, absorbing thousands of employees, approximately 23.25 million in Nissan, with a daily sales of approximately 57.52 million yuan, forming traditional staple food, Leisure food, tourism food, fashion food and other product systems.

At present, Xinjiang has focused on the industrial chain, promoting the industrial and tourism, characteristic culture, equipment manufacturing, catering industry organic fusion, and improved scale, industrialization, and market level. In the production area of ??Gaishi County, the Cultural Industry Park, there is also a function of visiting the area, experience area, exhibition hall, etc., continuous expansion of "馕 product display sales, catering cultural publicity, tourist experience, folk customs" and other functions, The innovative development model of "industrial + cultural + tourism" has been initially formed.

The original business difficult Gamquerium Jingu Fortio Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., now the order is not awkward, the general manager Huang Chaoyu is busy with the place every day, "We specially developed a powder, now the flour month sales can reach 10,000 tons "Happiness is a block in his hand", this locator is familiar, and now there is a new statement, "the dream of rushing and rushing in the baked".

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