Yu Ling’s Pizza: Great hand drawn small hands to pass love

Yu Ling’s Pizza: Great hand drawn small hands to pass love

Love Pizza conducts "June 1" in the style. Press, discharge, bake … May 29, a special hand-made pizza production event is happy, this is 50 students in the Jilin Orphan School’s secondary vocational college for the school’s elementary school schoolmates. A unique "June 1" gift is sent, full of warm heart blessings to your brother sister. Secondary vocational students make fun in the cafeteria.

Yu Ling leads the team members to make pizza. Pizza with a healthy ingredients such as cheese, pineapple, sausage, vegetables, etc..

  In order to roast the pizza, the students of the Secondary Schools began to purchase ingredients three days in advance, prepare for a few days in advance, and face. At 6 o’clock in the morning, started. After 5 hours of careful, more than 50 pizza baked. "We also designed as a love shape, sprinkling cheese, let your brother sister feel warm and power.

"Moral student said in Ling.

Delicious, delicious pizza is released. Cheese, fruit, sausage, vegetables … such a good-looking and delicious pizza is sent to the children, they are excited to bite a bite.

On this day, the primary school students learned the English words "pizza" in English. The child here is like a family. When you eat pizza, the age of the age is very careful, you can eat more.

  "We have to graduate this year. In the 8 years of the school, I have spent a good time, handling a lot of good friends, cultivating interest, learning knowledge, and found a warmth of relatives.

So, I have hoped that this warmth will continue to pass this warmth.

"Yu Ling said.

  In addition to making food accompanying younger brother sister, every secondary vocational life also sent a holiday blessing, of which the most, "learning" and "Happy Growth". Editor: Guo Cong review: Maker Editor: Huang Wei Prefers: Wang Jianmin.