Xinjiang and Book Sair County: Jianzhang constitution to improve the daily supervision of cadres

Xinjiang and Book Sair County: Jianzhang constitution to improve the daily supervision of cadres

Since this year, Xinjiang Tacheng and Buxer County have implemented in-depth implementation of the comprehensive management of the party, through establishing a contact mechanism, extending the tentacles, highlighting the results orientation, and continuously strengthen the daily supervision and management of cadres.

Build linkage supervision mechanism. Established cadres and supervision regular contact communication system, give full play to joint units of cadres supervision, strengthen information interoperability, strengthen communication with the Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, Public Security Bureau, Procuratorate, Court, Letters and Calls Bureau, Audit Bureau, etc., relevant to county management cadres Follow it once a month, other cadres and other regularities have been followed once, and they can keep negative information such as unigenic information and economic audit, and achieve early intervention, early reminders, early neutrality. Broaden smooth supervision channels.

Formulate the issuance of the "Regulations on the Regulations on the Regular Reporting System of Strict Organization of Personnel Work", requiring all units to report major issues such as cadres’ physical health and changes in domestic information, and realize the timely understanding of the personal information of cadres.

At the same time, he hired member of the party members to serve as a community supervisor, truly extending the tentacles of the cadres from the "working circle" to "social circles", and comprehensively grasp the eight-hour performance of cadres.

Improved supervision method.

In effectively, the personnel supervision role in the cadres will be given to the negative information library of cadres. After the corresponding organizational treatment, the organization department of the county party committee shall implement tracking supervision according to the specific situation of cadres, and it is reminded that it is reminded that the commandment or reform non-leadership Cadres of the position, by the political supervisor of the unit, the three-6 months of tracking supervision, and after the supervisory period, the supervisor issued a supervision report, and the relevant cadres will recognize the problem, square attitude, comprehensive rectification, Effectively enhance the supervision of cadres.

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